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‚ÄčNaturopathic Medicine - the combination of the wisdom of nature and modern science  


NPRI's Mission, Vision, Values

The Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute (NPRI) is a group of academic and community clinicians, clinical researchers and other health scientists whose aim is to increase the amount of original data and analysis on the practice of naturopathic medicine for the purposes of its documentation and improvement, the discovery of potentially generalizable health applications, and to inform policy.  Its focus is primarily on licensed and registered naturopathic medicine practiced in the US and Canada, but it attends to naturopathic practice globally and welcomes collaboration with all interested parties. NPRI was incorporated in Oregon in June 2010 and is a public charity designated as an exempt organization under IRS 501c3.

The mission of the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute is to stimulate, organize, fund, conduct and disseminate research on the clinical practice and outcomes of naturopathic physicians in order to improve practice and the health of their patients and communities.  NPRI engages doctors, patients, researchers, students, educators, academic institutions, professional organizations, members of industry and public health agencies in the exploration and scientific analysis of naturopathic practice.

Our vision is a naturopathic profession in which clinicians, scientists, educators, students and patients--in collaboration with research and public health agencies--are actively engaged in examining outcomes of care delivery and clinical interventions focusing efficiently and effectively on the most important clinical questions.

The values that drive NPRI are to enhance the well-being of patients and the health of the public through healthcare practice improvement.  We seek to apply the most appropriate scientific methods and objective data analysis to respond to the important questions in naturopathic medicine at this point in its history.  Our hypotheses in these investigations are: 1) that naturopathic medicine is safe, effective and cost-effective for the prevention and management of a broad range of common health conditions and 2) that the scientific exploration of naturopathic medical practices and principles will yield important insights into the nature of health and healing.  Yet, there is currently little data on naturopathic practices. Our focus is thus primarily clinical and, initially, observational.  The NPRI was established to stimulate practice-based research and facilitate the participation of doctors, specialty societies, professional associations and colleges to provide more data for evidence-informed health care policyType your paragraph here.