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​Naturopathic Medicine - the combination of the wisdom of nature and modern science  


Sustaining Donors assure the mission and infrastructure of the NPRI with a significant donation. Their support is critical to our success.

American Medical Solutions, offers HeliosND, a complete practice management and electronic medical record system, designed with the naturopathic physician in mind and focusing on integrative medicine. HeliosND is helping to pave the way for practice-based outcomes research in integrative medicine and in your practice with retrievable and useful business and clinical information.

Poliquin Performance was founded in 2001 by Coach Charles Poliquin, one of the world's premier strength coaches, who has trained professional athletes and Olympians worldwide. Since 2006, Charles' philosophies are taught through the Poliquin International Certification Program and BioSignature Priactitioner Program. Today, there are certified PICP coaches in over 50 countries. Charles believes in the power of effective nutrition and supplementation to help athletes reach the next performance level. 

The NPRI began with donations from Board members and volunteer efforts from many individuals. Founding Donors are individuals with the foresight to support the NPRI initiative for the documentation, evaluation and improvement of naturopathic practice in NPRI’s first year of existence. Sustaining Donors support the general mission and infrastructure of the NPRI. Project sponsors support specific NPRI research projects and collaborations.

Donors and sponsors, while supporting NPRI work, do not influence final design, data collection, analysis, interpretation or publication in NPRI research projects or collaborations. 

Sustaining Donors

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